Monday, April 13, 2009

Episode 01.01 Golden Boy Had 9 Black Sheep

Teaser to the first episode Sept of 1964. Introduces Joe Gallagher who later takes over in Season 2. A great episode flavored from the original movie. This episode introduces Savage as a tough as nails Group Commander as seen in the movie. He has no patience for goof-offs or slackers. Since many themes were borrowed from the movie itself, this episode serves as a beginning to the entire saga. It does not pick up off where the movie ended, a scene where Savage has a breakdown and is frozen in his chair until his group returns home.
This episode doesn't cover the relieving of Keith Davenport as the commander of the 918th, nor does it explain why a General is in charge of a group when a Colonel is quite capable for the command. The beloved Harvey Stoval returns played by Frank Overton.
Although broadcast first, this episode was actually filmed after 01.02 "Follow the Leader".
Anyway his episode is a great start to the series...