Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Finally the 12 O'Clock High TV Blog

12 O'Clock High has been a favorite show of mine since the mid 60s when there were only 3 TV stations. Since that time I frantically searched my TV guide to see some kind of syndication of the TV series. It seems the series was destined to fade into obscurity.

It only appeared once in the early 70s on a local public TV channel. I often wondered why it appeared on a public TV channel and not on an ABC affiliate...?

It wasn't till the early 2000's it resurfaced unedited on the GoodLife Network digital cable. I guess it wasn't much of a surprise to discover the stories still held up!

Years later after seeing and hearing about horrible knock offs of the show, I decided to spend the money and 3 years and make it right. This site celebrates the great stories of the 8th AF and honors the men who gallantly gave their lives for freedom!



  1. 12 O'Clock High was one of the 1960's TV series of dramas about Work War II. The episodes are well done and the transistiion to color gave the show a different look. Much like Combat at times, the show was built around its charachters and development. Unfortutely, the nightly news from Vietnam, turned msot viwers away from these well produced dramas. I believe shows like this, still hold interest today as that generation leaves us and WW II history fades. I have the sereies on one of the many DVD sets available, but would love to see FOX release a copy. American Life TV shows reruns on Tuesdays at 10PM eastern time. They were showing in order, but are only partly through the 2nd season and are repeating the Gen. Savage episodes.

  2. 12 O'clock High is public domain, therefore no effort was ever put into the preservation of the original film episodes. After 40 years many episodes are lost or damaged. That is why you are seeing a loop of repeats broadcast on TV. You will never see them all...
    The only place to get them all uncut is and the quality is beautiful!